Love is a Choice

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.35.49 PM.pngHave you ever wondered what your children will take from their upbringing and implement it into their own lives, especially when  they lived through a divorce? I’ve prayed for so many years that each of my children will find and marry someone that is grounded in Christ and equally yoked. Last month my middle son, CJ married Brooke, a beautiful young lady. He is the first of my boys to make that commitment. I’ve always said that your children are a gift from God to you. Children are a result of a marriage but they are not the marriage itself. God allows you to choose your spouse. He allows you to make that decision. It’s a choice who with whom to spend the rest of your life.
I’m glad CJ chose my new DIL Brooke. I’ve never had a daughter of my own but she is the first. Brooke is not my “daughter in law” because it conveys legalism to me.  I choose to call her my “daughter in love” because I love her as my own with no rules, strings or restrictions. Tonight I watched a video from CJ and Brooke’s wedding. It was sweet, fun and reminded me of that beautiful day. As I watched it, someone asked CJ a question that brought a tear to my eye. He told his future kids that he loved them even though he didn’t even know them but he went on to tell his future children that “[I’m] in love with your mom, very, very much”. What an incredible thing to hear from your child. He knows the value of being in love and loving the mother of his children. Think about what my grandchildren will inherit, a father that values their mother. I’m so proud to know my son knows the impact of his choices for his wife and their little ones in the near future.







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